Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Help Center for more information.

Q. How do I set up an account with Frontline Ticketing?

Go to Select “Organizer” if you will be planning events or “User” if you will be attending events, then enter the requested details. Find specific steps by visiting our Help Center.

Q. How much does it cost to use Frontline?

Frontline's service fee is 7.5% of the ticket price + USD 0.30 per paid ticket. Learn more by visiting our Terms of Use.

Q. Can Frontline Ticketing be used for free events?

Yes, Event Organizers will not be charged to use Frontline if they're not charging for tickets! Frontline has no monthly charges, registration costs, or setup fees. However, if you're charging for ticket sales, we do charge a service fee (see the previous question).

Q. How do I accept ticket payments through Frontline?

You can accept online card payments for your event through Frontline's Stripe-enabled platform. We make it easy for you to track and charge your events online and in-app! Learn more by visiting our Help Center.

Q. Who qualifies as a Team Member?

A Team Member is someone tasked with welcoming attendees to an event. Their primary duties are scanning ticket QR codes and checking in patrons on the guest list.

Q. How do I receive my payout after an event?

Once you register for an Organizer account with Frontline Ticketing, you will be prompted to enter payout and banking details by connecting to Stripe. We process your payout typically within 4-5 days after the event, barring any delays in authorizing refunds. Learn how to set up your account by visiting our Help Center.

Q. How do I receive a refund through Frontline Ticketing?

Refunds are primarily issued by the Event Organizer. However, Frontline Ticketing reserves the right to approve refunds when an Organizer neglects to do so within the required timeframe of 48 hours. Review our Refund Policy to learn more.