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We all understand the high energy and exuberance of a Carnival band frontline. The frontliners set the tone for the masqueraders behind them when they burst through security and onto the stage in a spirit of love, light, and liberation.

But this is only when it's done ... right.

We all know how quickly bliss can turn bitter when frontliners storm the stage before their time or onlookers swarm from the side lines. What was once a uniform sea of matching headdresses becomes a melee of clashing colors and personalities.

Every event, every occasion, needs a FUNCTIONING FRONTLINE; this is the only way to ensure everyone enjoys what they paid for and remains in the right section!

And this is where FRONTLINE TICKETING comes in.

Frontline Ticketing brings the Caribbean to the world and the world to the Caribbean through expertly managed live, hybrid, and online events!

Frontline Ticketing was launched in 2021 in response to the fact that the leading US ticketing platforms did not feature or highlight Caribbean events, leaving Caribbean nationals — and those interested in Caribbean culture — distressingly underserved!

The speed and acceleration of our growth in the last few years, while humbling, has shown that the team was definitely on to something. But when we started, the forecast looked bleak.

Being frontliners or pioneers doing what had never been done before, many organizers and organizations were slow to adopt, but when they did, they brought their loyal following with them because they recognized quality — and distinction!

The three reviews we get most often are: Efficient, User-Friendly, and Excellent Customer Service.

And this is because we're the ONLY ticketing platform offering:

  1. Event Door Management
  2. Frontline Pay (a unique economic relief payment solution)
  3. Frontline Ticket Upgrade
  4. Government ID Verification
  5. Custom Master Links
  6. And so much more!

Our customer service truly separates us from the competition!

We'd seen it all and done it all as event attendees and promoters. Now we bring you a stress-free, fully-supported ticketing platform that incorporates all organizations, all levels of organizers, and all types of experiences — from cake sales to mega events — to put Caribbean experiences on the map. And we plan to one day become a global household name.

Ready for us to be the face and frontline of your next event?

Welcome to the Frontline of Ticketing!

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