Note: This option is currently available to US addressees only.


Click “Create Ticket.”

Log in to your Frontline account, click “Create Event,” click “Edit Events” from the dropdown list, click “Action” for the event listing you’d like to create a ticket for, choose “Edit”, select “Tickets” under “Event Information” and click the “Create Ticket” button. 


Enter the details under “Add Ticket.”

  • Category — Choose physical ticket.
  • Title — Choose a ticket title, e.g. General Admission.
  • Quantity — Choose the number of physical tickets to be ordered for the event up to 500 and in increments of 25.
  • Price — Input ticket price in your chosen currency. 
  • Description — Input a short paragraph (up to 200 characters) that describes the ticket offering in greater detail. 
  • Click “Add” to add ticket to the event.


Preview Ticket

  • Preview — After adding the ticket, click “Preview” to move to order checkout. When the “Checkout Preview” window opens, select the “Eye icon” to view the ticket mockup before ordering. Note: All ticket orders are final.
  • Update — Close the preview window and click “Update” to return to the “Add Ticket” window to make any final edits to the ticket information.
  • Checkout — Once satisfied with the ticket design, click “Go to Checkout” to submit an order for printing.
  • Note: Each ticket costs USD 0.50 to print.


Order Tickets

  • Checkout — In the “Checkout” window, enter your contact, shipping, and payment information, and select your preferred shipping duration.
  • Place Order — Once all contact, shipping, and payment information have been entered, click “Place Order.”


Tracking Your Order

  • Order Summary — Clicking “Place Order” redirects to the Order Summary page with your unique order number and “Tracking Info.”
  • Track Order — Select “Tracking Info” and click “Visit Tracking Link” to track shipment.


Confirming Request

·         Confirm Request — To confirm physical ticket requests, click “Physical Ticket” in main menu for list of all ticket print orders.


All Tickets

All Tickets — To view all tickets for all events, click “Tickets” in the main menu, select “All Tickets,” and click the “Eye icon” under “Action” to view all the ticket details, e.g., event name, quantity, price, ticket type, sales channel, sold amount, sold quantity, serial number, purchaser name and whether ticket QR code has been checked.